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Bath Building Society

The Society began as an investment society in 1904 enabling local people to save and buy their own homes. It remains a mutual society and is proud to be smaller than other societies that have merged or been taken over by larger institutions, offering a personal service to all customers. Current assets are in excess of £200million and there are five branches plus 13 agencies across the region.

The society offers mortgages based upon individual circumstances and often specialises in unusual products including parental assistance mortgages and Buy for Uni student mortgages. Holiday let mortgages are also available. Residential mortgages can be arranged with a lifetime Standard Variable Rate or a 2yr discount rate. Customers who are self employed or experienced property investors are welcomed. Bath Building Society can offer a maximum 100% loan but usually agree loans of less than 80%, they only lend on properties in England and Wales.

Early repayment charges may apply if you pay off all or part of your mortgage loan before the end of the agreed term.


Bath Building Society Mortgage Products

Standard Variable Rate mortgages: Your monthly payments will be dependent upon the Society's Standard Variable Rate and may therefore fluctuate depending upon the economic situation. The maximum loan will be 80% of the property value and early repayment charges will apply for the first three years of the loan period.

Buy for Uni mortgages: These products can cover up to 100% of the property value. The property must be within a ten mile radius of the university that the student is attending and can be in the name of the parent or student.

Holiday Let mortgages: You can apply for a mortgage to purchase a property suitable for holiday letting and if you decide to sell and purchase a different property you can take the deal with you.

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Bath Building Society Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
Lifetime Standard Variable Rate + 0.79% 5.89% Variable 5.89% Variable 6.3% 80% 0.5% of loan amount, minimum £999
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Buy for Uni 2yr Fixed Rate 4.85% Fixed 5.1% Variable 5.4% 100% 0.5% of loan amount, minimum £599
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Holiday Let, SVR + 0.79% 5.89% Variable 5.89% Variable 6.3% 80% 0.5% of loan amount, minimum £999
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