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Cheshire Building Society

This society was formed in Macclesfield, Cheshire in 1870 offering financial services including mortgages to ordinary working people. Throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's various mergers with smaller society's took place but in December 2008 the Cheshire Building Society merged with the Nationwide and became part of the worlds largest building society. The Society still operates from 42 branches throughout the North West of England and also has 13 estate agency offices. Over 450,000 customers have savings, investment, insurance and mortgage products with the Cheshire Building Society and enjoy the security of being part of an international financial organisation.

Customers can arrange fixed rate, tracker, shared ownership, first time buyer and commercial mortgages - you should consult your mortgage advisor to discuss the best product for your circumstances. You may be able to borrow up to 85% of your property's value but if you are able to provide a larger deposit then your interest rate will probably be lower. The shared ownership scheme is exclusively available for property purchases in the North West of England and enables you to purchase a share of your property - usually arranged with a Housing Association. You will then be able to purchase more shares as your income or circumstances improve, existing tenants and new customers can apply for this type of mortgage product.

With most fixed, tracker or special deal mortgages an early repayment fee will apply if you pay off all or part of your loan within the offer period, the fee that you pay will depend upon the product you have chosen and may be less toward the end of your agreed offer period. Valuation, booking and arrangement fees may be payable but can often be added to your mortgage amount or refunded upon completion of your property purchase.


Cheshire Building Society Mortgage Products

First Time Buyer mortgages: Customers can choose from fixed rate, tracker or shared ownership products. The amount of deposit you need to provide will depend upon the mortgage product that you choose, but you may be able to borrow up to 85% of the property value.

Owner Occupier mortgages: Loans can be taken when moving to a new home, transferring from another Cheshire Building Society product or from a different lender. You can also top up an existing mortgage to fund home improvements.

Fixed rate mortgages: With these products you will know exactly how much your mortgage payments will be every month and this is guaranteed not to change for the agreed period. You can choose a 2 or 3 year fixed rate and will then switch to the Society's Standard Variable rate for the remainder of the mortgage term.

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Cheshire Building Society Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
3yr Fixed Rate 5.39% Fixed 3.99% Variable 4.3% 75% £999 Arrangement Fee
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2yr Base Rate Tracker 2.79% Variable 3.99% Variable 3.9% 70% £999 Arrangement Fee
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3yr Fixed Shared Ownership 6.59% Fixed 3.99% Variable 4.6% 85% £100 refundable Booking Fee
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