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Co-Operative Bank

The Co-Operative Bank was established in 1872 originally concentrating upon providing services in the North of England. It has grown substantially and is now part of the worldwide Co-operative Group. Following a merger with the United Co-operatives Group in 2007 it now has over 4,500 stores and branches, 87,000 employees and 4.5 million members. Most well known for its ethical approach to supplying a range of products and investments, a relatively recent merger with the Britannia Building Society has expanded this ethical approach to high street banking products including investments and mortgages.

The Bank has won a host of awards for its mortgage products over many years most recently including

  • 'Best Direct Mortgage Lender' from Your Mortgage
  • 'Best Lender for Discount Rates' from Moneywise.

You can apply for a Fixed rate or Tracker rate and all mortgage products are transferrable if you decide to move again, even with a fixed rate product.

The 'Smile' brand is the internet branch of co-op financial services and is an extremely popular web site for users of internet banking.

Co-Operative Bank Mortgage Products

Fixed Rate mortgage: You can choose to fix your monthly repayments for a period of between 2 and 10 years. This gives you control over your financial planning and is reassuring if you worry about rises in the Bank of England Base Rate. You can also apply to over or underpay and take a payment holiday for up to 6 months, very useful if you have an unexpected large item to buy. At the end of the fixed rate term you will switch to the Standard Variable Rate.

Whole repayment of the loan will incur a penalty during the fixed rate term.

Tracker mortgage: Monthly repayments will be calculated at a level above the Bank of England Base Rate. You can borrow up to 90% of the value of your home and choose a 5 year capped interest rate product if you are concerned that interest rates may rise substantially in the future.

If you repay your mortgage during the fixed rate period, you will be charged an early repayment fee.

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Co-Operative Bank Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
3 Year Fixed Rate 4.19% Fixed 4.24% Variable 4.4% 75% £999 including £150 Booking Fee
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5 Year Fixed Rate (no Fee) 4.79% Fixed 4.24% Variable 4.5% 75% No Booking or Application Fee
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3 Year Tracker 4.49% Variable 4.24% Variable 4.4% 90% £999 including £150 Booking Fee
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