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The history of ING Direct goes back to the mid 1800's and originally involved small organisations working towards building up savings and giving home loans for the working classes and widowed women in Holland, over the years various amalgamations and mergers resulted in the formation of ING Direct in 1991. Throughout the 1990's and early 2000's various acquisitions, sales and mergers have taken place and the bank has grown into a multinational organisation offering savings, investment, retirement and mortgage products to thousands of customers throughout Europe, the United States, China and India.

The bank has been nominated in the June 2010 Moneyfacts Awards for 'Best Bank Mortgage provider' and Best Variable Rate Mortgage Provider' as well as being highly commended as 'Best On Line Lender' in the What Mortgage Awards 2009.

You can choose a fixed rate, tracker or variable rate mortgage with a range of interest rates that will differ according to the product that you choose. There are mortgages for new purchasers, existing customers and homeowners who are looking to change lender. To apply for an ING Direct mortgage product you must be able to provide an address history for the previous 3 years, have a clean credit history and be less than 75 years at the end of the mortgage term. If you are self employed you must provide at least two years tax assessments as well as your last three months business and personal bank statements. You can apply for a mortgage amount between £50,000 and £1,000,000 over a period of five to thirty years. ING Direct do not approve mortgages for groups, a maximum of two applicants are allowed for each mortgage.


ING Direct Mortgage Products

Fixed rate mortgages: You can apply for these products over 3 or 5 years and will be secure in the knowledge that your monthly repayments will remain the same throughout the agreed period. The interest rate that you pay will depend upon the length of the fixed term and the amount of deposit that you are able to provide. An Early Repayment Charge will apply if you choose to pay off all or part of your mortgage during the fixed rate period.

Tracker rate mortgages: These products will track the Bank of England base Rate at an agreed extra percentage and can be arranged for either 2 years or the lifetime of your mortgage. Your monthly mortgage repayments may vary and could rise or fall according to the Society's base rate.

Re- mortgages: If you are moving home or would like to swap your mortgage lender then ING Direct may be able to offer a re-mortgage, you could benefit from a better value interest rate or release some equity from your property.

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ING Direct Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
5yr Fixed Rate 4.54% Fixed 3.5% Variable 3.5% 75% £195 Booking Fee, £750 Product Fee
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2yr Tracker Rate 2.54% Variable 3.5% Variable 3.5% 75% £195 Booking Fee, £750 Product Fee
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2yr Discounted Standard Variable Rate 2.55% Variable 3.5% Variable 3.4% 70% £195 Booking Fee, £750 Product Fee
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