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Leeds Building Society

This Society was officially formed in 1875 although it began helping local people buy their own homes 30 years earlier, the original group got together to save and then take turns via a ballot system to have their share of the funds. The Society was known for many years as the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society and changed its name to the Leeds Building Society in 2005, it remains mutual and is committed to keeping this structure in place, therefore there are no shareholders to pay and profits are used to provide good value products for members.

Savings, insurance and mortgage products are all offered and many services can be applied for or managed on line. Over 70,000 customers have a mortgage with the Society and these products feature regularly in the financial media best buy tables. The head office is still based in Leeds and the Society is one of the top ten UK building societies.

There are a range of mortgage products available including homeowner loans, discounted, fixed and offset accounts. The interest rate that you pay will depend upon the purpose of your loan, the amount of deposit you can provide and the type of mortgage you choose. The Leeds Building Society is willing to consider applications for shared ownership, low cost housing schemes in England, Scotland and Wales and these products may offer either a fixed rate or charge the Standard Variable Rate plus a percentage for the initial period. At the end of that time you will switch to the Society's Standard Variable Rate.

Early repayment charges will apply for most products during any discount or offer periods, if you think that you may pay off all or part of your mortgage early then consult your advisor about how this may affect you.


Leeds Building Society Mortgage Products

Fixed rate mortgages: You can choose to apply for a fixed rate over a period of 1 - 5 years and your repayments will remain the same throughout the agreed period even if the Bank of England Base rate changes. You should remember that this means you may not benefit from any falls in the Base rate.

Discount mortgages: New and existing borrowers can apply for these products and will receive a discount from the Society's Standard Variable Rate for an agreed period. This means that your mortgage payments may fluctuate over the discount term. There are 2 or 3 year products available and at the end of this time you will switch to the Standard Variable Rate.

Buy to Let mortgages: Customers who are planning to purchase a buy to let property can choose from a 2, 3 or 5yr fixed rate or opt for a variable rate mortgage throughout the term of the loan. You may be able to borrow up to 70% of the property's value depending upon which product you choose.

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Leeds Building Society Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
2yr Fixed Rate 3.39% Fixed 5.49% Variable 5.5% 75% £199 Booking Fee, £800 Completion Fee
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3yr Discount Rate 4.99% Variable 5.49% Variable 5.6% 60% £199 Booking Fee, £800 Completion Fee
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3yr Fixed Buy to Let 5.99% Fixed 5.79% Variable 6.4% 70% £199 Booking Fee, £1,350 Completion Fee
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