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Skipton Building Society

Founded in 1853, Skipton Building Society is the fourth largest society in the UK, there are now 90 branches and the society has over 860,000 customers. The Skipton has recently merged with the Chesham Building Society, it remains a mutual society which means their are no shareholders and has group assets or over £10 million.

You can apply for

  • Fixed rate
  • Tracker rate
  • Buy-to-Let

You can choose a Fixed rate mortgage for between 2 and 7 years and your monthly repayments will remain the same for the whole of the fixed term and then switch to the Standard Variable Rate. The amount of your deposit can be between 40% and 15% and this will affect the interest rate that you pay. Early re-payment charges are applied on a sliding scale so that for example, you will pay 5% of the outstanding mortgage amount if you pay off the whole loan in the first year and this would reduce to 3% if you paid off the loan in the third year. After the fixed rate period no further penalty charges will apply to early repayment.

A variable interest rate Tracker mortgage will follow the Bank of England Base Rate and monthly repayments may therefore increase over the period of your loan. You can make unlimited overpayments on the outstanding loan with no penalty charges.

It is now possible to borrow up to 95% of the property's value if a family member can invest a sum of cash in a Skipton Building Society savings account. You will need specialist advice about this Mutually Exclusive Scheme.

Skipton Building Society Mortgage Products

Variable Tracker rates: You can borrow up to 85% with this variable rate mortgage and the repayment amount will fluctuate in line with any changes in the Bank of England Base Rate.

Fixed rate: If you would like the security of knowing exactly how much you will need to budget for your mortgage payments then a fixed rate will suit you. The product is available for periods ranging from 2 to 7 years and the interest rate that you pay will depend upon the length of the fixed term and the amount of deposit you can provide.

Buy-to-Let rate: These are currently unavailable.

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Skipton Building Society Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
Variable Tracker 4.95% Variable 4.95% Variable 5.5% 85% £895 Completion Fee
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2 Year Fixed Rate 5.49% Fixed 4.95% Variable 5.3% 75% £895 Completion Fee plus £195 Application Fee
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7 Year Fixed Rate 6.99% Fixed 4.95% Variable 6.2% 85% £895 Completion Fee
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