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One Account

This account concentrates upon just one mortgage, loan and current account model - combine your salary, mortgage and (optionally) your savings, this reduces the outstanding capital on your home loan. You can combine all of your outstanding loans including credit cards into one account and only pay the agreed mortgage interest rate.

You will have an agreed facility to borrow extra money when you need it, similar to a traditional bank overdraft. You can overpay your mortgage in lump sums or monthly repaymnts at any time thereby reducing the time it takes to pay off the whole mortgage. You can even take a break from payments - ideal if you plan to take a sabbatical from work or have some expensive items to buy.

Large loans for home improvements, new cars or university fees can all be taken at the same low rate and become part of your combined One Account.

This product may be suitable for a whole variety of people including first time buyers, customers who expect promotion or improved salaries throughout their careers and anyone who expects to receive an inheritance or other lump sum and would like to put this towards paying off the home loan.

Savings can be kept in a separate plan so that they are accessible when you need to use them but will continue to be included in calculating your outstanding mortgage and other loans. A single rate applies to all loans and savings. The biggest benefit for most customers is being able to plan to pay off your mortgage much earlier than with a traditional mortgage product.

One Account Mortgage Products

You will combine all of your savings and borrowings into one product and the interest rate will apply to the whole account. Early repayment will be possible, as will extra borrowing at the same rate as your mortgage.

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One Account Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
One Account 3.75% Variable 3.75% Variable     Check with your advisor.
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