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Yorkshire Bank

This bank became a member of the National Australia Bank Group in 1990 and is a trading name of the Clydesdale Bank PLC. Most recent published Half Year results show underlying profits rose by 11% to £264 million and liquid assets were £10 billion, proving beyond doubt the sustainability of this large bank. Recently awarded the 'Best Regional Lender Award' for the eleventh time, this bank offers a range of products for existing customers who are moving to a new home, borrowers who are moving from another provider and re-mortgages for current customers.

  • First time buyers can choose from fixed, variable and offset mortgages.
  • Spanish mortgages are available for customers who are looking to purchase a home in the sun.
  • Investment Housing Loans are offered to customers who are buying a second home or a property to let, the options available will depend upon your individual circumstances but include both fixed rate and variable rate loans.

Yorkshire Bank Mortgage Products

Offset mortgage: This product gives a discount on the Standard Variable Rate for 2 years and you can borrow up to 65% of the total home value. Any savings you have with the Yorkshire Bank can be used to 'offset' the outstanding loan amount and will reduce your monthly repayments. If you overpay the monthly payment you may be able to take a payment holiday of between 3 and 6 months. There is a switching package available if you would like to move to this product.

Current Account Mortgage: With this home loan you combine your current account, personal loans, overdraft and mortgage into one product. You do not earn interest on your account balance or savings but you benefit from lower monthly mortgage repayments and some tax benefits may apply. All of your borrowings are charged at the same interest rate as your mortgage.

Fixed Rate: Your interest rate will be fixed for the agreed term, two and five year fixed rates are available so any changes to the Society's or Bank of England interest rates will not affect your monthly repayment amount.

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Yorkshire Bank Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
Offset Mortgage - 2 Year Discount 2.79% Variable 4.59% Variable 4.5% 65% £499 or £999 Arrangement Fee
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Current Account Mortgage - Rapid Re-Pay 3.99% Variable 3.99% Variable 4.2% 75% £499 or £999 Arrangement Fee
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5 Year Fixed Rate 6.49% Fixed 4.59% Variable 4.59% 85% £499 or £999 Arrangement Fee
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